• Ageing Well Made Possible

    We bring to life solutions that radically changes how people age.


    We want to fulfill the dream of every human being; to have a good old age.


  • What is Empower?

    We are a registered charity with an Institute of a Public Character status that believes that having a good quality of life is having a good life.

    We bring to life solutions that promises the reversal of decline and seek to address root issues associated with ageing.


    We want to enable every older adult to live a fulfilling life and function at the optimal level they are

    capable of. We believe that through creating opportunities for older adults, the gift of ageing gracefully can be realised.

  • Our Work

    Ageing well is not a given. It is an intentional effort to put in place skilled people, a conducive environment and a belief that it's possible.


    The Very Software that Gives Life to Infrastructure

    Centre and community based programmes that induces change and improves quality of life.


    Empowering One

    to Empower Another

    Equipping volunteers, caregivers and care professionals.


    The Voice that Calls to Action

    Aids positive change and presents the latest evidence to challenge inaccurate perspectives of ageing.

    Research & Development

    Pushing the Boundaries

    Pioneer and pilot high impact solutions underpinned by empirical evidence.

  • Our Focus


    Physical frailty is a major contributor to falls and disability. We can reverse these declines and maintain independence throughout life.

    Social Isolation

    More seniors are living and dying alone. Being isolated increases an individuals' health and social risk, which will be detrimental to ageing well. We need to build strong safety nets among community and family.


    The major mental health disease that seniors face affects approximately half of those above 85 years old. Life does not end for them, it can be enhanced and further developed.

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