• Frailty Solutions

    Tangible Impact in the Community

    Strong Again!

    A Community Based Toolkit

    In 2015, NCSS had an idea to introduce senior empowerment to the community. They took a ground-up approach towards partnering social service stakeholders to make it a reality. A committee consisting of key leaders who were serving seniors from multiple agencies was established and a collaboration with Empower was formed.


    The Challenge: Physical frailty and a lack of confidence to integrate back to the community was a problem that was identified. The sector served a multitude of seniors who experienced difficult circumstances and dis-empowering environments. There was a need for new sustainable avenues and opportunities that can harness the strengths of seniors through empowerment at the community level.


    Meet Mdm Lai*

    Mdm Lai has been struggling to walk to and fro to the market opposite her block for the past 3 months, with her chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis in her ankles. Empower Ageing, together with the Jurong Health Medical social work department, developed a community-based toolkit called ‘Strong Again!’

    Latching on existing befriender visits, the staff involved and volunteers were trained to use the toolkit. In addition, follow through training was done via in-person mentoring at clients' home sessions and telephone guidance. The toolkit was carried out on Mdm Chew and she reported a strengthening of her legs after 5 sessions with Empower, with the pain in her ankles subsiding with consistent usage of the toolkit.

    Mdm Lai is one of many seniors who have been impacted drastically by the toolkit. Together we can fight one of the biggest cause of death in Singapore by preventing falls through the strengthening of body and reversing frailty in the process!

    *not her real name